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Gemstone-Energized, Aromatherapy, Herbal Body Oil for All Skin Types

Our gemstone, aromatherapy body oil product concept is based on an understanding that our skin is a highly sensory organ and is receptive to the living energetic values derived from the mineral (gemstones) and plant kingdoms, which we believe in a subtle way, can help to restore balance and vitality for our overall well-being. Each ISUN gemstone oil carries unique energy-balancing qualities.

Rose Quartz Body Oil carries an uplifting and joyful, floral-citrus aroma in a light moisturizing blend of herb-infused oils. The pink color vibration of rose quartz relates to the heart and thyroid gland. Its subtle energy is said to inspire joy, an open heart and love.

Ayurveda balancing Dosha: Tridosha.

Rose Quartz / Body & Massage Oil

  • Apply all over the body as a moisturizer, or use for massage oil. May also simply be applied to energy points on the body. Subtle energy effects are enhanced when used with a rose quartz massage stone.

  • Herb-infused grapeseed oil, Passion fruit oil, Rosehip seed extract, Goji berry extract, Citrus & floral essential oils, Embedded rose quartz crystal.

    Allergy Precaution: Contains Citrus essential oils.

    Storage: Preserve product integrity by keeping out of sunlight and storing in a cool, dry place.

    Suitable for vegans. Gluten-free. Non-Toxic.

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