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Methdods +Rituals Spa A Wellness Collective

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                                                   What is Methods + Rituals?

Created by two women who look beyond cookie-cutter beauty routines, M+O is spa & wellness center focused on skin health through the philosophy that energy is the source of all true healing and radiance. Dana Waldie brings a solid background of product knowledge, modalities in skincare, and global trends within the industry. Shelby Lemson has trained herself in various other modalities such as reiki, spa management, and aesthetics. While working at HydroPeptide it was at this company, that Dana Waldie & Shelby Lemson met and the two began building the conception of the perfect spa, wellness and healing space!


While Dana brought “methods” to the table, it was Shelby that complemented her skillsets with the practice of “rituals” — together, forming a duo dedicated to perfecting skin and soul. The women practice a more holistic approach which embodies both cosmetic with a dose of energy work, allowing spirit to do its job and magnify one’s true inner beauty on the outside. In addition to facials and skincare their philosophy is to incorporate Reiki, Breathwork,  and Sound Baths alongside other modalities that ease stress (the ultimate skin killer). You can think of it as a needle-less approach to Botox. This practice of merging licensed procedures with mindfulness is the cornerstone of their work. 


All services are performed both inside their personal spa as well as in-house visits within the area of Joshua Tree, California. 


Meet the Team 

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meth·od: a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.

Dana embodies the "METHOD" part of the business. She has 15+ years of combined experience in aesthetics, skincare education, management, and buying. She believes in a holistic approach to skincare and infuses her love for skincare, modalities, & wellness rituals rooted in Eastern tradition

(i.e. cupping and guasha) into the business. Born in Michigan, Dana was raised around the family business of a beauty salon, however she instinctually gravitated to skincare early on. Packing her bags at 20 years old, she moved to the West Coast in 2004 and quickly immersed herself in the fashion and film industry as a makeup artist. She first assisted Sonya Dakar, the renowned Beverly Hills aesthetician whose client list includes Drew Barrymore to Gwyneth Paltrow. Soon, she would be elevating her skillsets by pursuing studies in Beauty school while helming the Verbella Skin therapy Spa in Beverly Hills. Working on a myriad on skin types and lifestyles, Dana discovered that external makeup is only half the formula for true beauty. After pursuing her aesthetics license to improve skincare even further, there was still a missing link, which catapulted her into a soul-searching mission of energy work.  After meeting her partner Shelby, the two formed Methods + Rituals in Joshua Tree, California. She lives with her husband and two dogs, Pickles and Penelope, while servicing private clients in the high desert, sometimes performing sacred rituals under the moon and stars. 

"I believe in the power of human touch for both skin + soul" ~ DW 

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rit·u·al: a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone. the prescribed order of performing a ceremony.

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