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Our light, Radiant Light serum helps to minimize visible aging effects as it gives your skin a refreshed and brighter look. Resveratrol derived from knotweed extract, wild Australian kakadu plum, uva ursi herb, licorice root and punarnava root from India, combined with vitamin C, visibly enhance your skin's appearance with a more even skin tone and a bright radiant glow.

Radiant Light Facial Serum

  • Apply to cleansed skin avoiding eye area.

  • Resveratrol, Vitamin C Ester, Kakadu Plum Extract, Punarnava Root Extract, Uva Ursi Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Camellia seed oil, Squalane, Beta glucan.

    Storage: Preserve product integrity by keeping out of sunlight and storing in a cool, dry place. May be refrigerated.

    Suitable for vegans. Gluten-free. Non-Toxic. Preserved with Aspen bark extract.

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