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Straight from the Source

Methods and Rituals changed me inside and out, literally from my skin to my soul.  The girls at M+R are the most kind hearted individuals and the way they integrated their expertise in skincare and spirituality provided an experience you can’t find anywhere else.  It truly was an overall well rounded experience for the heart, body, mind, and soul, making it fantastically differentiated and unique.  The treatment I had was top notch and I really appreciated that they provided me with specific information related to my skin throughout and product recommendations to be sure I am able to maintain the healthy glow far beyond the session.  You endlessly feel their energy, passion, heart, and positivity throughout & I can’t wait to go back!

Carmen Crapo

HR Business Partner 

The Cosmic Spirit brought me Methods and Rituals. What I experienced was a divine transformation. 


The women of Methods and Rituals are without a doubt being guided by their divine spirits; they have brought to life a wellness retreat that heals the heart and cleanses the soul. 

I healed buried trauma that I didn’t even realize was there. The energy was a healing energy, one that invites love and light into your heart. 


The experience was magical, I am so eternally grateful to the amazing women that have brought this place to life.


I feel free. 

 Thank you.  

Melinda Gonz
Mindful Movement & Fitness Instructor

Methods + Rituals is a great place to align and reset yourself away from everyday life. The girls of Methods + Rituals were great in creating a warm and loving atmosphere to get comfortable and relaxed with their treatments. I really enjoyed the facial experience and the chakra healing session. Their holistic approach to treating each individual is thoughtful and professional. I highly recommend their practice for anyone looking to get in touch with inner light and beauty.









Ann Song

Director of Strategic Partnerships 

I am forever grateful to the women of Methods and Rituals for creating a LIFE CHANGING experience for me any many more to come. Being a single mom and working in a fast paced environment I often become so involved in taking care of every one else that I forgot to nurture myself. The Methods and Rituals team created a divine retreat in a magical space in Joshua Tree that  spoke to my soul.

The facial with reiki healing was incredibly spiritual in nature and something I had not experienced in my lifetime, healing past trauma and a physical ailment.


The rituals learned and methods offered nurtured me from inside out. I've been inspired to take loving care of myself which allows me to thrive and keeps my skin glowing continuously. This is a practice I will maintain throughout my lifetime. 


Thank you!

Stacy Paradise 

Financial Advisor 

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